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Community United for Renewable Energy


Community United for Renewable Energy (CURE) is a local environmental organization based in Alexandria, VA started by three high school students. It is a team effort that has expanded to twenty more people who are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices such as recycling, composting, using LED lighting and consuming less energy overall in their local community. CURE also strives to educate others about climate change and expand its membership. Read about our mission here and click the button below for how it all began.

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What we've done & what's next

Since partnering with Alexandria City Public Schools, CURE has:

  • Held an assembly on climate change in March that garnered over 600 people.
  • Installed recycling posters all through TC Williams HS on every recycling bin, completely the largest high school in Virginia.
  • Increased community outreach and knowledge of CURE and its efforts.
  • Started a new program for Alexandria elementary school students called CURE U, which aims to educate younger students on the environment and sustainability.
  • Gotten local publicity from publications and panel discussions.
  • Spoken at Alexandria School Board meetings and networked with community leaders.

Our work is not over yet; help us out by donating or becoming a member. Much more is to come!

We are working on:

  • Talks with a student group in Germany and perhaps creating a new branch of CURE
  • Activities for Earth Day 2019 on April 27th.
  • A panel discussion in May
  • Launching our CURE U program in a couple beta elementary schools

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Community United for Renewable Energy

We fight against the threat of climate change because 

we love our community and advocate for sustainability. 

We love to hear input and answer any questions. If you have a questions or suggestions, or want to join the CURE team please contact us.