community united for renewable energy



 We are a student-lead environmental organization that is devoted to reducing the impact of climate change locally. We hold meetings weekly and are working on multiple projects to raise money for LED lighting and recycling and composting initiatives. We also educate others about sustainability and climate change. 



 Studies show that when youth are exposed to environments that favor certain behaviors and traits, they are extremely likely to continue to practice those behaviors throughout their life. We predict that this will translate to sustainable habits formed in youth. As we help schools become sustainable, kids will take those practices beyond school walls and into their life. As a result, we all will help our planet heal from climate change and pollution. 




- Fundraising money for sustainable infrastructure in schools.

- Partnering with community leaders, school administrators and politicians.

- Educating students, faculty and staff about the importance of sustainability.

- Applying the best behavioral practices for green energy in schools.

- Lobbying for more environmental programs in schools.