Student Leaders

Kenneth Warren


C0-Founder and CEO 

Kenneth is a senior at TC Williams High School.  He created Community United for Renewable Energy after traveling to India in 2016. 

 As the spokesmen of C.U.R.E., you will often see Kenneth give School Board speeches, present C.U.R.E's plans to influential businesses leaders and participate in door-to-door fundraising. Outside of the public's eye, Kenneth provides leadership to C.U.R.E. and works closely with our school system's executive staff  to help them make make eco-friendly investments in their schools. 

Riley Casagrande



Riley Casagrande is a junior at TC Williams High School. As one of the early founders of CURE, she came together with other environmentally conscious TC students in fall of 2017 to address the obvious need for more sustainability in Alexandria's schools. She has lived in Alexandria her entire life and has fostered a passion for the environment since childhood. When not at school, doing homework, or working on projects for CURE, Riley can be found playing volleyball, participating in numerous TC clubs and spending time in nature with her friends and family. She is very excited to see CURE's growing momentum and can't wait to see Alexandria reach it's full sustainabilility potential in the future! 

Carl (CJ) Chidlow



CJ is a junior at TC Williams and has lived in Alexandria since he was little. CJ went to his first CURE meeting in the spring of 2018 and was inspired by CURE's progressive and environmentally friendly message. He has been a senior member ever since. In addition to CURE, CJ is involved in several extracurricular activities, such as DECA and Rowing. He is also an elder at Westminster Presbyterian Church and enjoys playing music. 




Elspeth is a senior at T.C Williams and plans to pursue a degree in environmental science in college.



Project Manager 

Rosie Fisher has lived in Alexandria her whole life and is currently a junior at TC Williams. She is passionate about environmental issues and believes that climate change is a real problem. Rosie is so excited to be a part of  CURE because she believes in the importance of teaching sustainable practices from a young age and that CURE can make a positive difference in Alexandria. Rosie is a crucial part of CURE's fundraising team. 



Project Manager 

Noah is a sophomore at TC Williams. He rows for TC and Old Dominion Boat Club crew. Noah has a passion for academics, rowing and  the environment. He often spends his free time fishing, reading and being with his friends. Noah has become a essential member of the CURE team by giving speeches, collecting and analyzing data as well as research and development. 

Bridgette Adu-Wadier


Bridgette is a sophomore at TC Williams HS. She writes for the school newspaper as well as several other local publications. She also spends her time learning graphic design and doing historical research. Bridgette is the marketing head for CURE, managing the Twitter account, the website and also all the publicity for the organization.

Emmett Cocke


Emmett Cocke is a junior at TC Williams High School. A native to Alexandria, he cares about his community. In order to address the issues harming the environment, he began working with CURE. Currently, Emmett works as a recruiter and in data analysis. 

Jonathan Hernandez


Johnathan Hernandez is a junior at T.C Williams. He became involved with CURE because he wanted to create a more sustainable future for his community. Jonathan is a big believer in living a life that upholds sustainable practices, as he believes that all individuals can help and contribute to a better world. He currently assists with CURE's social media presence.